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Playing different than myself

Had an off day yesterday. I was looking forward to playing in Fightertype's Exalted game (set in the same universe as my own, using NPC characters from a solo game I ran), but I really wasn't doing that great. I'm playing an interesting character concept, a female DB who wants to show that performance art with arrows is a valid form, but I seem to be playing a rather high-strung, rather short-tempered prima donna. Not sure if that is what I had in mind, but using her Temperance 2 as a guideline for actions seems to be leaning that way. Normally, I play shy, reserved characters but this is different from my norm.

In other news, I reached a major goal in one of the games I've been playing off and on Kingdom of Loathing. I finished one ascension (i.e. finished the game) and started my second. Kind of cool, since there are different challenges with the second ascension. I figured I was going with a hardcore, which means it is like starting from scratch (but you get nifty stuff later), but since I don't know what it is like doing it softcore (you get to use the equipment from the last ascension), I'd just go with it. Last time, it took me 119 days of playing to finish. I suspect the same, but at 40 turns a day, that is fine with me. So... it's a nice little thing.

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