Love and hate with polygons

Polygons. Simple convex objects that have driven me nuts for the entire week. Everything I tried seemed to fail, there just wasn't a polygon clipping library that ran on Mono. So, I gave up. I switched to the contingency plan of trying spheres and working with those. Naturally, I encountered some really nasty problems since SVG sometimes stores the points translated or with a matrix transformation which means I couldn't just say "tell me the size", I had to break the sphere down, do matrix math (the one major class I failed), then look at it.

Getting frustrated, I almost stopped that, then I realized something. On the GPC page, the C# wrapper I was struggling with was labeled different than the Java port. Port had promise, since it implied it didn't use the C library but basically duplicated the code in a new language. Looking into the zip, I had my answer. I just had to translate it from Java (a language I'm damn good at) to C# (a language I'm much better at).

So, five minutes ago, I had my polygon clipping library in C#. A week of effort and frustrating, working with math I don't understand, and I finally got another brick in my game.

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