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Car Titles

Last night, I tried to find the title to my car. I know I had it, I paid it off six years ago and I was pretty sure I remember filing the blue piece of paper. So, I went through my stuff. A blue title for th Saturn. A blue and pink paper for my marriage, a fresh and shiny copy of my birth certificate (after my legal name change in 2000). I found letters from Fluffy and from my dad. I saw history flipping through my fingers.

But no title to my Subaru.

I paged through birthday cards and menus for take-out. I found an entire stash of my old game systems, the ones I had such high hopes of writing the "perfect" game. I found the first thing I ever had published and the last thing I had published (well, a stack of those). I went through ten years of taxes and three years of bullshit responses from my senators and congressmen ("thank you for supporting my position" when I was completely against).

But, it got pretty clear, no Subaru title.

So, today, I get to go to the DMV and request a tile. I did find the paperwork to change my name though, so I'm bring a copy of the court order to change it at the same time. I'll be $65 dollars poorer, but at least I'll be on the step to get rid of the car with no plates or sticker and violating almost every single city ordinance sitting right in my drive.

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