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Polygons are vanquished!

The polygons, they live! After a long ten hours of work, I got a C# GPC port. It performs unions, intersections, and xors, and appears to work perfectly. I even managed to pull data out of the physics engine so I can see where everything is on non-circular shapes. Overall, it is one large cliff climbed and accidentally climbing the second in the process.

I'm running out of time before the point I can't make it. I really want to make this a good game, but I don't have that much time left over. Next, I need to figure out the joints for Physics2DDotNet, despite them not being written by the guy who really understands the system. Another thing to puzzle through, but remember, it's the path that is more interesting than the goal.

Yesterday, I went to visit dad for a very good dinner and to exchange gifts. I got a GPS, which is very cool. Though my new car already has one, this is a bit more portable than a 1.5 ton box and I might be able to get it on my bike or in Fluffy's car. And two books on my wishlist, so I'm pretty excited.

To avoid burnout, despite my burning need to keep on working, I think I'm going to take it easy today and either play a game or read a bunch of books.

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