Rejection for Change of Honor

Today, I got the nicest rejection letter ever! Well, for me. Today is the first time I've gotten a rejection letter that actually gave suggestions for improvements, actually referred to my story, and actually used my story to point out things I did wrong.

Yeah, it's a rejection letter, but the sharpened pain of someone ripping my heart out managed to be reduced by the elation of having really good comments on my story. So, I have to say: Thank you William H. Horner III!

By the way, a Change of Honor was rejected. Not sure what to do with it. I think I'm going to be just posting it and moving on, instead of reworking and resubmitting it. Not really sure. What do you do with rejected stories? What should I do? On one hand, I could put it on my website to help bulk out the complete lack of stories there, or I could try to find another place interested in Far East-inspired supernatural fiction short stories.

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