Insomina Thoughts

Well, I can't sleep. Just wired up on the edge and unable to get my mind to stop worrying about things I can do absolutely nothing about. So, I got on the computer for a bit to rip a CD I thought I lost, putz around on the computer, and try to finish something so I can relax.

However, I did find out that the GPS on the Tribeca can actually do Iowa, you just have to select a the region before you enter an address. It doesn't need you to select the region to map where you are, to figure out the path, but it does for finding destinations.

For those who like Looking for Group, I got one of those limited edition Richard figurines. The one with the bunny rabbit and the fireball? In the process of taking it out of the box, his arm snapped off. So, I now have a damaged limited edition Richard figurine. Oh well, minor little thing in life.

Scroll of Lands update (38%)