Tree-Fu and Altered Plans

I'm learning the fu of trees. The dao of twigs and the de of leaves. Well, or at least a Lsystem for generating 2D trees. Very hard, actually, since it is hard to visualize something while you are writing it. I threw together a little program that starts, but it has a long while to go before it can really produce a nice-looking tree.

Now, it isn't perfect, but first I need to get the basics up and running before I really get into trying to make good-looking trees. Good thing I did the GPC library, because it will fit nicely with fixing the broken lines in this tree.

tree-001.png tree-002.png

This is the same tree, just different generations. The base of the trunk is looking pretty decent, but it gets very hydra-like near the top. I also need to clamp down on the width, among other things. But, the important part is that it at least looks slightly like a tree.

In other news, one of the things we planned for, a friend buying our house when we move to Iowa, fell through. While I don't understand the reasons she gave me, probably because I've own a house for so many years already, I do respect that it is beyond her comfort level and we need to find alternative approach to handling this Iowa thing. It doesn't matter if we've been talking about this for a few years, or that we were getting down to the wire, it just isn't now and that's perfectly fine. And we'll adapt, as we always do, and somehow we'll make it to that lovely state to have children. Or, we'll stay in Illinois longer than planned. No idea how this is going to iron out, but having a goal is better than not having one.