Long-Winded Question for WBM

Been thinking about my world Fedora, which is where Wind, Bear, and Moon and Muddy Reflections are both set in. I haven't given up on either story and occasionally I ask for someone to read it. In one of the many requests to read in my search to make it a great story, someone asked me the strangest question.

"Would you consider finding a new name?"


Wow, I never thought about that. I pressed for details and he mentioned that the title didn't really excite him. Actually, it was rather bland. Okay, fair enough and probably a valid point. It also got me thinking about the nature of my setting and everything else. It is obvious that WBM isn't really jumping out for the editors and agents, so obviously I need to change something.

My current plan is actually to change the world a bit more. I was aiming for the early Industrial age, with magic, which is pretty much dead set in the steampunk genre. In specific, it isn't too far off from Fullmetal Alchemist in flavor, so I'm pretty happy with the general thing. However, I'm still tied rather tightly in the fantasy setting, so I think this next rewrite is going to change a bit more. In specific, get a train in there. I love trains. And probably change the clay monkey around. And it would work perfectly with the setting. Also, a bit more of a class different between Welf and Sonia's position.

I create interesting characters. In my short stories, I feel that people really like my characters in a short period of time. However, it doesn't feel like I'm doing that with my novel characters. They don't really jump up as interesting and this bothers me. Some of it is my writing style has changed slightly, partially because of some beliefs, and I think I need to stop changing them. I love descriptions, lovely descriptions and settings. I stopped doing them, for example in Case of the Morning Zombies, because it felt like I was going too much. But, I realize I don't like it. So, I need to set the groundwork and make those characters interesting again.

I'm going to come up with a non-numerical calendar for the world and probably get rid of the "bells" for taking count of time. Probably call it hours, but I only want to have 20 hour days (slightly longer hours though), so not sure what to call them.

And, I think the final one, which wasn't the point when I first wrote WBM: death. People die in that book and I'm not sure if that is a Young Adult theme or no. Something to consider and look over.

Obviously, I'm getting into writing again. I really want WBM to succeed, mainly because I think it is a great set of stories.

But, that finally leads into the question brought up: what would be a good name for WBM if I change it? Originally, I intend for this to be a short series of books (which I list the working titles below), but if it needs to change, what would be a good name?

  • Wind, Bear, and Moon
  • Factor of Wind
  • The Baron's Son
  • I, Fjarnit
  • Storm, Dragon, and Stars

The ones I've thought about:

  • Off the Track: The crux of the adventure happens when they end up leaving the train (in the rewrite)
  • Best of Intentions
  • A Question of Intentions
  • Center of Attentions
  • Steam Trials

Just a bit of food for my thoughts.