This weekend was a relatively relaxing weekend. Getting the urge to write again, finished up a short story, stared pointlessly at Cleaning House, and struggling through my homework. I'm have a good idea why I'm struggling with homework, mainly because I'm working so hard, but I finally got it out and I'm pretty happy with the results.

I'm going to try focusing on a few things for a bit. Mainly and the biggest is Wind, Bear, and Moon and finishing that rewrite. On the programming side, CuteGod. I want... need actually to get these done so they stop haunting me. Though, reading this got me rather frightened of my chosen path. I remember it from my first published novel, or the lack of it more accurately, but it is one of those scary things. It's also why I respect the people who get an author's table at GenCon and everywhere else.

I need to get something done. And I think I need to seriously stop putting more things on my plate! Heh, I'm really bad about that. So, the plan for this week is to start getting up to speed on WBM and CuteGod.

I Have a Plan. IHAP, like IHOP but more planned.