Deadlines and Bad Choices

Overworked Dylan makes a not happy Dylan. But, things are looking up. I ended up doing a 14 (almost spelled it out, but got to practice APA style writing for college) hour day yesterday and didn't get to spend time with Fluffy. So, I made her a little drawing, wrote her a love letter, folded it into an origami heart, and made her cry (the good kind, not the bad kind).

I also missed Steam Punk Magazine's deadline. Which was a bummer, I thought Cleaning House would have finally been the one to get published there, but I simply don't have the creative energy to write when putting in an extra 4-6 hours a day in work. I don't like crunch time.

Job search has stalled again. :( No nibbles, no bites, no nothing. Frustrating, but its still there, slowly moving forward. We'll see if something turns out.

Other than that, just cruising. This weekend, I'm planning on taking it easy, maybe writing a story, doing some homework, and playing some video games. I'm really getting anxious to start writing again, more so to finish up Wind, Bear, and Moon. I saw that through the LJ networking, that someone is looking for steampunk stories for young adults *whimper*, but I don't think WBM is quite ready for it.

Ponies Among Us? Dead. Dead, dead, corpsified, rotting on the side road of my attention span. I just can't do it.