Iowa Interview

The Master Plan is moving forward now with a pace akin to galloping horses. Well, it might be. Last night, I told my boss that I was looking for a job in Iowa. Well, she already knew I was looking. I've told her about my plans for a couple years now and we've kept that in mind with my various promotions and responsibilities. Instead of being a shock, it was more of a logical discussion of how to gracefully bow out of the company.

That part was nice. You never know how someone is going to respond, more so given the years I've been with the company. Even with keeping her up-to-date with every step of the way.

All this came from my first in-person interview scheduled for Friday. I had a really great phone interview for a job that I feel that I'm well qualified for, but it will still be a challenge. New environment, working with a language I absolutely adore (C#). Its Microsoft only, so I can tease the other Dylan about that. Yeah, I won't be a manager or a vice president anymore, but I can live with that. A fancy title has never really been my motivation. Something stable and predictable and challenging is what I need more right now, with our plans to have children and settle down near Fluffy's family.