Fluffy says this means "yes"

I apparently get the offer letter next week by Tuesday.

I'm going to say the job interview went well. Of course, that means I'm diving off said cliff of our Master Plan and plummeted very nicely into where I want to be in the future. Unless anything unexpected shows up, I'll be starting a new job in Iowa on April 28th. They already know how much I'm asking for, so that shouldn't be a problem. I don't do drugs, drink alcohol, or even smoke, so I suspect that won't be a problem. I'll even avoid yummy poppy seed muffins for a while, not that Fluffy has tempted me with them lately. The background check? Well, I'll be surprised if anything shows up since I don't recall being thrown in cuffs any point in my life.

I'm excited. I already talked to my boss and she gave me her blessings on this. My mother-in-law is excited (mainly for the grandchildren that will no doubt follow). In two weeks, I'm going to be looking for apartments in the region. The plan right now is to have me and Fluffy live alone for a few months (2d6 probably), sell our house, buy a new house, and then be happily together again by the end of the year.