No longer a (rocky horror) virgin

Yeah, like that's going to happen at this point in my life. However, in some ways, I have lost something. This Monday, I finally saw Rocky Picture Horror Show. You know, for a movie made in the same year I was born (1975), and for the eclectic interests I have, its amazing that I somehow missed this movie. When I finally saw it, baring most of the institutionalized fan callbacks, I had an absolutely blast. I mean, I knew the songs already from a friend's CD, but I'm really glad I finally got to see it.

Next week, it is the RiffTrax for Spiderman 3.

... kind of like shooting fish in a barrel actually. But, it will also be the day before I back up my DVDs, so that will be an interesting milestone in my move to Iowa. I'm also going out to dinner with my father on Wednesday, to a place neither of us have been, which I'm looking forward to. I really need to finish My Father's Bike.