I had my first real experience as a parent this weekend. It was a sleepover with Fluffy's practice children. The boy and girl used to be our neighbors but when they moved way, Fluffy kept going over to visit. After eight years, Fluffy offered their parents a chance for a little "alone time" and we had guests. It is strange having young ones in the house. I mean, there is the baffling and rapid changes in emotions, the personalities that are still forming, and they have an energy level that I remember from my own childhood. I was, of course, completely confused why one wanted constant hugs (and then spun around until she almost puked) and the boy cried on a drop of a hat.

On Saturday morning, to add to the energy of those two, Fluffy also watched year-old child. Well, that made life a bit interesting. I got volunteered to watch some of them, three children is a lot for anyone, so I spent a good twenty minutes watching the littlest one playing with the dog cage (Fluffy said I couldn't lock him in and I couldn't take pictures) but it was neat.

It didn't start any real "I wanna have children" drives, but it wasn't so terrible either. Children are definatley high maintenance and there is no question that I won't be writing novels, games, or doing most of my hobbies when we have children. But, I follow the long tail of life, so I can put them aside for a decade.

And maybe, just maybe, I won't be that bad of a father.

In other news, this is my last week of work and I'm excited about moving to Iowa.