Good news and fun news

Because I'm leaving for Iowa in a few days, I got together with my dad to have a "how are you" little meeting. Fluffy couldn't make it, so I ended up driving an hour to get to the "middle" between us to a restaurant called White Chocolate Grill. Good food, very dark, very loud, not large enough proportions, but the banana cream/white chocolate desert is good. As was their salmon. He and I ended up talking for about four hours and I didn't get home to just about midnight.

I'm very tired.

On the other hand, I got some pretty good news too. For my other byline, I just got a request to do a guest blog to plug my novel. That was seriously cool since I didn't ask, they just offered. And it is part of a writing community blog, one of shared by ten different writers, so I'm vibrating nicely with excitement. I also found that I have the proper font (OCRB) already on my computer, hidden in a folder I didn't look at for over a year, so I can finish the cover for MG and get that out to, just in time to plug it.

I also got a nice email asking if I mind if someone wrote some fan fiction about my latest novel (DL, which I wrote on a forum). Hrm, I wonder? I already told them to go right ahead and I'll post it on my site. Mainly because I consider fan fiction one of those highest honors thing, but I also think it is just cool that someone likes my story so much they wanted to do a fan fiction.

Jeeze, fan art and fan fiction. That's going to make my head swell. :D Well, probably no, but I'm still excited and very flattered.

Things are looking pretty nice right now.