Lovely Distractions

Fluffy is in the area, helping with the dire problems of her aunt. And, to kill some time, she started the house hunt here in Iowa. We've found some nice ones in our range ($150k - $250k) including a geodesic dome home, which naturally we had to make an appointment to look because dome houses are just cool. Fluffy is going to look at a dozen or so houses, then reduce it to her five best choices. That way, she can do it during the day, where she is bored, and I'm limited in how much driving I have to do.

Of course, that makes it difficult to get back to the Chicago area to see Eddie Izzard. We think we have a plan, an overnight trip back home, then back here so she can help her cousins and I can do that not-job thing for a few more days.

Overall, things are stressful but moving forward enough I don't feel it is helpless. Plus, I found a new game contest, the Procedural Generation Competition. It's only four weeks so I'm seriously considering trying it, or at least seeing how far I can get before I burn out or screw up.

As a minor note, I know I'm in not that great of shape, but walking up 12 flights of stairs got me rather winded. On the other hand, I actually walked up 12 flights of stairs in less than 10 minutes. That part is pretty good.