Strange Mailings

I mailed something out recently. It was a check for a donation and it was pretty sizable. I mailed it to a PO Box 183 in some city. Now, that isn't as important as the email I got three days later from someone entirely else, a business mailing company, asking what order the check was for. This is despite the check being made out to a woman's name, the envelope being addressed to the same woman, and the letter with the check having the woman's address and name. I sent an email back suggesting that they bring it back to the post office, since it was probably a filing mistake.

... a week later, I got an envelope with my check and the letter in it. Their address was PO Box 185. So, instead of just returning the check that had the address written in two places on it back to the post office so it could be properly put in the right box, they paid for the stamp to mail it back to me.

And judging from the post-it note on it, there was at least three people involved in this!

Well, at least one thing isn't clueless. Yesterday marked the day I was married eight years to Fluffy. It was a very good night, we got a chance to watch a movie (Hoodwinked) and have dinner at Red Lobster (which is where we got started and we return every year on our anniversary). And then, I got a chance to spend some lovely time with Fluffy, which made my night.

Tomorrow, we are both heading back to Illinois to see Eddie Izzard in concert. Then on Friday, back to Iowa for our various obligations and duties. Well, I'm writing games and she's taking care of her aunt.