CuteGod and Running Bomb

So, I was feeling a bit weird and did an ego search on "CuteGod". Why? Just because, and I found that someone actually reviewed the game! Very cool. I love reviews, even if they are negative. Yeah, it wasn't that positive of a review, but at least I have some areas to focus on. Actually, the stuff I'm doing for Running Bomb are also for CuteGod. As soon as that contest is over, I was planning on returning back to CuteGod to polish it up. That and redo the graphic tiles since I'm still not happy with them.

I also found out that CuteGod has a very low nuisance score and no viruses. I knew that, but it is neat that McAffe scans the web for installers. And that I pass.

As for Running Bomb, that is the WIP title for my procedural game. Struggling a bit with the tunneling interface. The basic setting for the game is that you are in a hollowed-out asteroid with lots of tunnels leading out from the center. Your home, Bubble City at the moment, is in the center, 1 Mm away from the surface of the asteroid. Which is fine, except that as you were docking on a slow day, they found a bomb in the city. And, since you were the only person in dock, you got "volunteered" to take the bomb as far away as possible. With full freedom to break any and all speed limits, blow up things, as long as you save people. Of course, you'll die in the process, but this is a game about how many people you can save.

It seemed like a pretty simple idea, given that I only have two weeks left to write it. The game is going to be procedural, which means that it will change every time you play it. In this case, the tunnel system is different every time, along with the random stuff inside it. If I have time, you'll also be able to customize your ship during play, giving yourself higher speed or turning rate (it's physics-based), shields, or weapons.

The idea sounds like fun, the question is can I actually do it? :)