Concluding a Weekend

The last five days have been interesting, so say the least. We finished celebrating our eight year mark with a trip to Illinois to see Eddie Izzard in concert. It was fun, but the stress of driving and everything going on, put a bit of a pallor over the show. I also didn't like the show quite as much as his Sexie tour a few years back. He started with a joke that everyone would laugh at anything he said and... everyone laughed at it. He did have some great observations and the nice dry wit to go with it, so it wasn't an entirely a bad night, just not laughing until it hurt night.

The next day, we packed a few more boxes, cleaned up the house a bit, then headed right back to Iowa. She spent the night with her cousin, then after dropping her off at the airport, the night over at me. And, in a silly turn of events, she was my Sugar Mama since I had no cash and needed groceries. She had the monies and then I had the foods. It was a good weekend, but it still hurt to see her drive off.

I spent the "dead time" working on a guest blog post, updating my websites, and finishing up some stuff with my novel getting republished. It is now on the way to be officially approved as a book with an ISBN and I hope to see it on in about 6-8 weeks, according to the email confirmation from I already have the front cover to upload, as soon as it shows up.

Our plans for Iowa took a few violent shakes in the last week with her spending over a week here to take care of her aunt. This morning, Fluffy came into to work to find out she was being laid off. Apparently, the boss decided that 13 paychecks behind was finally enough. I'm more annoyed that they packed up her personal belongings for her instead of giving her the dignity to actually pack up herself and say goodbye to her fellow employees. No, just a "good morning, you just got laid off" type of meeting.

I think... this is going to be a very interesting week.