This is a slightly ranting post, but I'm making it private which is why it is a separate one.

We knew that my ex-boss was trying to convince Fluffy to quit her job. After I left, she has been pushing things rather hard in the guise of a "caring boss" and her own personal hangups. Our original plans, which weren't set in stone, were to have Fluffy stay there to remind her that she owes both of us around $70k in back pay and to, hopefully, pay us a bit more than nothing every month.

With Fluffy being laid off, I'm feeling a growing anger at someone I should never be angry at. I've worked for my mother for 22 years, starting when I was 10. Fluffy has been working for her about 7 years. We both know that the company has its ups and down, but I also know that she's pulled out more than entire round of paychecks for "personal expenses" which are mostly going toward paying for her cruise in two weeks. So, the reason she can't afford to pay Fluffy is because she's taking the money for her own personal, selfish reasons. No one is getting paid because of her own greed and it is upsetting me.

I shouldn't be angry. I don't want to be angry. But, how can I not be angry at someone who raised me doing everything that she told me to never do myself?

I just spent an entire weekend scraping pennies out of the jar and juggling monies to afford Fluffy's hotel visit to take care of her aunt and our day trip back to IL (we got lucky on that one and used some saved up mad money on that). Part of me said we shouldn't go back, but the idea of blowing $160 worth of tickets and not enjoying our 8 year bothered me. Not to mention, we got more packing done and had a chance to talk for a few hours, something I desperately miss. We managed to scrape by, and we'll be suffering for the next six weeks to just survive, but none of this would happen if I had but one paycheck from my ex-boss. I need 3 full paychecks to comfortably repair the house and move, but I doubt I'll get another penny from her at this point.

I'm not saying that she's entirely at fault. I've made more than a few mistakes in the last month, trusting my mother was a few of them.

I'm hurt and I feel violated.

I'm also rather angry.

And she still expects me to call every week.