Contingency Plans

Well, this is my third calendar week out of my apartment. I had a nice compliment from one of my co-workers that said I "wasn't complaining too much" which is good, since I thought I was being bitchy when I really didn't have that much of a case. I know people who were hit far worse than me, including a coworker who lost everything from the first floor down.

According to the rumors running around, they are saying up to two months before I will be able to return to my apartment. Looking at the various power companies, it looks like its going to be another week before they even have an idea of how long it will take; they are still looking at the damage right now much less do anything but minor repairs. Rumors say that people are basically dumping their contract with the building and leaving, simply because they won't be getting back any time soon. I think they'll make an announcement by Friday, at least, with an estimated schedule.

Looks like I'm going to switch some of my plans around at this point. Staying at my in-laws, I haven't really settled since I'm waiting to go back. With this... I don't know what to do. I'm not going to FEMA or anything, simply because I'm not seriously impacted by this, just uncomfortable.

In other news, went home to Illinois for the weekend. A lovely weekend of drywall sanding, taping, and moving. It doesn't feel like home there anymore. Everything is packed up, colors are wrong, and it smells differently.

Basically, I still feel adrift. I need to stop drifting and settle down again, which will make it that much harder when it does go back to "normal". FiL said he's love it if I actually moved into their place properly, but I don't know if I'm ready for that point yet. Its scary and I don't want to be a burden. Then again, I really don't have a choice, do I?

Tomorrow, I'll be filing a change of address with the post office, at least to get my mail.

Kung Fu Panda is very good though. I am getting that movie the second it shows up on DVD and I would seriously go to see it at least 3 times in the theater. Even with the assholes talking on their phones and texting with full brightness in front of me.