Up a Level
300 million for a battery

I like this idea. I like the idea of someone trying to basically start up another prize to help humanity. I also think that we need a hell of a lot more windmills, solar panel farms, and alternative energies. I also want someone to replace the engine of my car with one of those electric motors with the gas-powered generator for backup. The problem is... I can't find any of that. I know the science behind most of those, I used to steal the Healthy Living book from my school library for weeks at a time, dreaming of a world where I could live with the least amount of impact on stuff. It was the same type of dreams when I would look through the Bass Fishing catalog up at the cabin most of my childhood. That catalog, ten years old, was probably more heavily read than my dad's stash of Penthouse. And I'm including the time between 5 and 17 on that.

When I read about hybrid engines the first time, I knew what I wanted. I even looked it up and saw the whys of my decision and what needed to be done. I stared lustfully at hybrids and wailed that the technology I thought was best suited for me (plug-in electric with diesel generator) never happened. Every time I'd find out about a new hybrid, I'd check it out and was just disappointed by the complete and utter lack of progress.

And that was years ago.

When I bought a new car earlier this year, I looked at the hybrids. They sucked for anything besides a modest improvement on mileage. Seat heaters (a Fluffy-required feature), nope. Fit my size, not really. It was like the only hybrid we could find was 10% more for 30% less features and options that we have gotten used to.

And I keep waiting for someone to come up with my dream car.

And someone keeps not doing it.

I know, I could figure it out. I'd have to teach myself engineering, frames, and engines. Well, my brother probably could do the frame for me, but I'd have to pay him. I know that I have the intelligence to replace my engine with what I want, to make it work. Yeah, it would be expensive, but I know I can. The problem is, I didn't go that route in life. Its one of those closing doors of my chosen path. I'm already a pretty good programmer and writer. But, to add mechanical to that when I'm already trying to be an artist and a musician (at least game music), is just pushing it. I ended up specializing in my life, but there are things that I wish I could do. I could get my dreams of the perfect car, but I would have to give up writing for a while. I can't do both.

So, $300M for a car battery is the only thing I can hope for. I want someone to come up with a perfect car for me. It isn't really the money part of things, but obviously I don't have $300M to come up with it on my own. To do that, I would have to get venture capital and do it via a business, which means I would have to teach myself that business also. Instead, I have to wait for "market forces" to align with what I want. Or at least do the right thing when they had a chance, instead of scrambling because we got sloppy with our greed (I'm including myself).

Either that or do it myself.