Running Bomb votes are in! (and a snippet from Scions)

Well, voting closed on the TIG contest. Hopefully, the masses of my readership downloaded the game, played it, and decided it was the best game of the entire contest.




But, surprisingly, it actually got three votes. And none of them were mine, since I won't vote on my own stuff. So, that means 3 major features update rounds and polishing before I sit back from it and see if it should be continued. After the writing, of course. Flight of the Scions must be written. I need to get the damn story out of my head and see if these new ideas take off.

Having a doubt, of course. The story is obviously about three characters: Kadansú (Kadan), Dyfan, and Sonjar (Sonja). From the old version, that would be Welf, Dyfan, and Sonja. Welf had a major rename to separate it from Maef (known as Ryo in this one) and to make it conform to the language he was named in (hoping to get a few racial issues popping up here). It also makes his mother a lot more logical since she had an insta-change emotion in the book that I hated.

I managed to avoid using ' in my words, but one of the languages ended up with accented characters (mù, mú, and mû). Got the idea from the Chinese language and it fit with the desert tribes. A bitch to write, but I think it will still work out. The grammar, a bit harder, but its slowly coming forward and I'm building up a dictionary as I go, even though I don't expect to have much of the language in the book itself.

After thinking about it, I'm going to have a bit of flavor text, but then translate as fast as reasonable.

Miô smiled grimly as she walked across the tavern floor. Her hands caressed the bone dagger strapped to her wrist as she stared at the back of the desert traveler, wondering if he was a friend or foe. Her lips cracked open and she swallowed before speaking the wary greetings of two strangers on the sands, "Ganísu gi."

She watched as the muscles of his back and neck tensed up and she quickly drew out the dagger, holding it firmly as her heart began to pound. One foot slid back for balance as she regarded him. Behind her, she heard Vortam's voice trail off as he watched with idle curiosity. As she held her dagger in a fighting position, she heard his sword being drawn and could almost feel the pressure of the room building with every heartbeat.

The stranger slowly turned around. His dark skin looked like a brand in the tavern, if it wasn't for Miô's own color. His eyes widened with fear and he held out his hands, palms facing her.

"I mean no harm, I swear," he switched to Miô's native language as he continued, "Please, sand sister, I am from the ..."