The Block of Writers and Seeking Closure

Spent most of the evening last night going over the same two thousand words and not really being happy with anything. This is... not normal for me and I'm getting a bit frustrated with it. Its a simple chapter in an ongoing serial that I started a year ago for a Exalted/World of Warcraft crossover universe and I'm feeling the need for closure on it. The original arc was about 15 chapters and I think I can do it.

If I could just get happy with the chapter.

I manage to sit back and break apart the chapter on the way to work today (40 minute commutes are good for some things, even at 120 km/hour). I basically took out the points I wanted to have by the end of the story, then found an entirely different way of writing the same thing. Maybe this will help me get over the block and move forward. If all else fails, tear it apart, toss the cruft, and start from scratch. Its easier when I already know that it has to go from point A to point B.

Closure seems to be where I'm heading lately. I woke up this morning thinking about Glorious Saber. I enjoyed making the comic, but when life got tight, it ended up being shuffled down the list. I'm about 20 strips from the end of the major arc and I'm seriously considering doing it, just to remove that horrible "Sorry" message and also to give it a proper series finale. And that arc is a good one that could end with a fin. Yeah, I won't have the Twilight Convention or Glorious and Saber's Lunar mates showing up (Elephant and Mouse, if you are curious) or the conclusion of the Six-Toned General plot, but I think having something I can say "END" is probably what I need for something that is being dropped.

I know this is for my own edification. Very few people (<= 6 excluding relatives and close friends) have expressed interest in Glorious Saber and I really do work for comments for my free stuff. No comments or discussions means I find it harder and harder to work on it. I also like the abstract style of the characters, but I think it is one of the major hurdles for most people reading it; the abstract figures I think are actually causing some of my problems. I just think they look cool, myself, but I work with abstracts anyways.

I noticed both of these things are Exalted-related. Coupled with my current disinterest in Exalted beyond Scroll of the Lands, I wonder if that is a sign? I know I purposely turned down joining an Exalted game, even when there is no other game, simply because I didn't want to play it anymore. I also haven't updated my in-character Exalted journal despite the fact I have 336 entries on it. I just... stopped. :(