Illness, Kitties, and Programming

Why do I like the comma before the conjunctions? Why? One of the largest arguments I had in grammar was "a, b, and c" or "a, b and c"? And, in the end, it depends on the environment since both are considered right for a given medium.

But, the last day has been less than stunning. I got rather sick two days ago and it went right into yesterday. For the first time in this new job, I actually called in sick and felt guilty as all hell... right up to the point where I passed out and went back to sleep for another ten hours.

When I got up, I putzed a bit on the computer, then went to visit my kitties and FiL for a few hours before heading home. He made me bacon-wrapped cheeseburgers for dinner. Yummy. The cats missed me greatly, one of them plastered herself against my lap for better part of an hour while the others circled around like sharks in chummed water. I just sat on the floor and petted them for a long time. And, to show my love, cleaned the litter box too.

In the drive there, visiting the cats, and the drive back, I got to thinking. Mostly about the projects I'm doing after Lethe's Yarn, but also about Lethe's Yarn. It is due on the 31st of this month and I probably will only get about 15% of what I wanted done actually done. Would have been 25% but not with being sick.

And not with my realization that I don't like something major about the game. In specific, this is a game where the world is broken down into cubes. Mostly 10 or 2 meters cubes, but when it is rendered on the screen, they are more like bumps instead of square. Not to mention, the 400 MB size of the file isn't even remotely needed, and that frustrates me. So, I'm going to risk the deadline even more and go back and revamp that part of the game. It will require me to wrap my head around 3D graphics even more, but it should work out in the end. We'll find out, I'm going to give myself until Friday to make the world a better place. :)