Lethe's Yarn, Sickness, and TEoP

Sadly, I got a rejection (PC term: was passed on) for my Edge of Propinquity submission. I asked for a bit of feedback, but I was still hoping it was a great story. Oh well, its frustrating but not impassable. I'll start it a few more times, see if I can polish it a bit more and find a new home for it. It would be nice to have something published this year.

Still sick. I took Tuesday off and came in Wednesday. However, by Wednesday night, I was completely floored again and ended up sleeping most of Thursday. At in over 20 hours of sleep, right after sleeping 30+ hours two days before. I think I'm sick. Fluffy says so, so it must be true.

Which, of course, means I couldn't really work on Lethe's Yarn. I got a little bit of code here and there, but it was only for a few hours instead of a nice six to ten hour marathon as I hoped. Stupid body and reality. But, I got a fair amount done in those few hours and I'm feeling pretty good about at least getting a "tech demo" up by the end of the weekend. Having the game contest extended another hour won't hurt, but I'm not going to overdo it. Just put in a few hours and see what comes up.

In theory, there are another two writing contests due this weekend which I haven't even started. Not sure if I'll get to them. Too many projects I want to do, and the mind and body are apparently weak. :( It was bad enough, I actually did a midnight run to get drugs (and a LEGO set to play with until said drugs kicked in).