Weekend productivity

Apparently, one way of getting over writer's block is to decide not to write and work on something else. The sheer desire not to do what I'm "suppose" to do is enough to make me want to do anything else. In this case, writing. After deciding to work on the baby squid god for the weekend, I managed to find the energy and desire to write just over five thousand words in a few short hours, finish the first draft a commission, get feedback, and update it. Nice feeling, even if one of the feedback items was "too romantic". Oh well, easy to fix tomorrow and I'll send it right back out with a couple hundred more words worth of expansion.

Went to Fluffy's family reunion. Rather nice, talked a lot, relaxed a bit, enjoyed some good food. Found out I have a uncle-in-law three blocks from my apartment who is into realty. Well, guess I knows who is going to probably help us find a place. Also ended up have a long talk with Fluffy about the future of our home, mainly how to juggle so many parts around in the next few months. Painful, but I think we needed to talk.

Finally, worked on the baby squid god. After three days of work, I came to a realization. I hope too much for things to go well. While I could make it perfect, it is going to take another week. And, if it takes me two weeks to do the squid, what about the eleven levels (seven plus inter-stage areas) and 10-20 opponents (i.e. victims to drive insane). I could do it, but not in a month. So, this morning after sitting up about it, I decided to switch to 2D. I have a better chance of getting it done and I really want to succeed. Not to mention, I might get some help with graphics from TIG Source since they love the pixels.

I know, you are all excited about another game project. Bet you want me to write or something. Well, I still have a short story coming up and I really need to work on Scroll of the Lands this week. But, not tonight, Fluffy is leaving for Illinois tomorrow and I'd like a few more short hours with her.