Potential futures

I really miss Fluffy, and it is always worse watching her drive off right after her car breaks down in a Wendy's lot. I took lunch off to spent just a few last desperate moments with her before we'll potentially not see each other for a month or more. Gives me more appreciation for spouses that leave for a tour of duty for months at a time--it's painful and miserable at the same time.

One of the things we are considering in the near future is just getting another apartment until our finances stabilize (i.e. sell the house). This is, remarkably, giving me a lot of stress since I'll be juggling two apartments and a mortgage up to six months until the first lease ends. Yes, I could probably find a sublet to get out of it, but you have to plan for the worse. If we do the second apartment thing, it would let us bankroll a large down payment on a house, or at least remove that bit of juggling from our trials later one; just moving there might be the painful bit.

I don't really see many options in our near future. We need a place that we can take care of our animals. The available pool of choices for dog and cat sitting are growing shorter with every passing day and soon we are going to be struggling even more to find someone to watch the dogs for a day much less a week. Noises from the in-laws indicate that FiL would like to see the cats gone soon, or at least what Fluffy told me. In addition, either she could find a job in Illinois, which will make it harder to move here, or we find temporary housing that puts us back under one roof and she gets a job here.

This... is stressful. As I may have mentioned, I set down roots and it looks like I might be uprooted again. Something has to change in the next 70 days when Fluffy's unemployment runs out. Either she manages to find a job or we start cutting fat from our lives and that would be a lot easier with only one active household.

This will pass, but it doesn't help when I'm staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night.