Only five days?

Only five days left until I officially start on Baby Squid God. Only five days, that's kind of scary. And, for once, I don't have a 1-2 week vacation right in the middle of it so I might actually have time to complete this entry. I'm looking forward to it, but it is still had the stage where everything is new and everything else is possible.

Ask me again in three weeks, everything will probably change.

Until then, I'm trying to focus on commissions, getting ready for the next quarter of classes, and basically just keeping a clean house. Commissions are doing well, almost done with the second draft of the first and about a quarter done with the second one. Having some writer's block still on the writing side of things, despite the story I posted earlier wanting me to really write a yaoi romance novel (that story has potential, I think).

I hate it when I have two good ideas but only the time to work on one. The game will probably win, simply because I have a good idea of what to do and I have the first part already planned out. The 30 day challenge of the TIG games is nice, since I have to keep terse about my ideas and its forcing me to identify my boundaries in a way that my meandering projects just can't do.

Edit: Actually three ideas since I had this idea for a web game called Ultra Mega Super Premium Mall that has been distracting me when I hit the point of too much paper planning for Baby Squid God.