Cusp of locale

I love the word "cusp". It isn't as pretty or lovely to say as "moist", but it stands right up there as a fun word to just use. And appropriate to describe my day.

In the process of switching banks, from the Illinois-only one to my current one, I'm at a point where I'm standing with a paper paycheck in hand and having to figure out how to get it somewhere useful. You know, like a bank account. Since I switched my direct deposit last week, the paycheck today is paper. And none of my banks are in the local state and none of them actually allow deposits in Iowa. So, either I mail it to Fluffy to deposit it in the bank that thinks deleting everything is a good way to transition their accounts, or mail it to the new bank account in yet a third state. Too bad the office two blocks from my apartment (new bank) got closed.

I ended up mailing my paycheck to the new one, but it adds a few more days to the process of getting it into the system enough to pay the two big bills in my life: mortgage and apartment rent. Both of which might be a tad late this month; this does nothing for stress levels.

Said stress levels are probably accounting for the writer's block I'm still suffering through. I haven't had a serious writer's block since I started writing again in 2001 (the day after I was first fired). Yesterday's story was fun to write, a one-off that I hope at least someone else enjoyed, but I then spent three hours writing 300 words on a commission. On the other hand, as Urban Fiction horror goes, John dies at the end is a great series. And going away at the end of the month, but very addicting to read. And, completely unrelated to my inability to focus on commissions, Rockbox is a great replacement for the firmware of my Sansa; after installing it, it actually remembers that I keep the volume at near minimum levels and that it is possible to play while being plugged in to charge.

Yeah, completely unrelated.

This weekend, I hope to get at least one of the commissions done, sign up for new classes, and maybe get a haircut. Beyond that, I just want to not stress about anything and play Zelda or something. Somehow, I doubt it will be the lazy; I'm having trouble relaxing and that is just exasperating the problem.