Horrible, evil monkeys...

Had a monkey night. The type of nights where you manage to get into bed on time, get all nice and comfortable and then, instead of drifting to sleep and nice dreams of food processors, you end up staring at the ceiling and thinking. While I love to think about things, it gets annoying when you can't sleep because of it. I call it the monkey, since its your consciousness chattering away like a pissed off monkey.

Things I thought about:

  • I got another five thousand words on my commission. Almost done with this and I'm very happy about that. Plus, it means I'll get a bit of money hopefully in the near future to help relieve the stress of...
  • Not having enough money. We'll just leave that one in the box, shall we?
  • Ascending on Kingdom of Loathing and writing my own version of KOL Mafia, despite not having enough time or energy. Not to mention way too many projects to do already. I tried to bribe my thoughts by getting up and playing my 40 (well, 137) turns but that didn't help.
  • The brownies in the fridge. Tried to bribe myself by getting up and eating all of them, but it didn't help either. They were good though.
  • Ultra Mega Super Premium Mall and if I should use crayon-style images to distinguish it from Kingdom of Loathing, which its obviously inspired by.
  • Flight of the Scions, but mostly to berate myself for not working on it. But, also working out some of the outfits and dresses in the book. And if I really should have a specific kissing scene in book two.
  • 2D scene graphs. This was the bulk of my distractions since I think I found a good way of organizing my various code projects between BooGame and MfGames.* to handle Baby Squid God and CuteGod equally. Of course, it requires me to rewrite things again, but I think I needed to do that anyways. Plus, I inherited BooGame and need to clean that up and make it more useful.
  • Wondering why I still can't find a good generic C# game engine that works with 2D? Likewise, wondering if I really should create yet another vector/matrix library just because no one else will work together? I want someone else to figure out all this hard part. Its thankless and probably why I'm doing it.
  • Are there fleas in the bed? I'm pretty sure I got rid of them, but when you are lying there with nothing else, every little twinge and itch seems to bring up the idea that there might be critters with me. Having a cat clean herself for two solid hours on your chest doesn't help. Even if that is what she normally does.
  • And finally, just wondering what life is going to be like in the next three months. I have absolutely no clue. Utterly no clue, not even a hint of what I'm doing in month, much less the end of the year.

So, busy night. And I overslept and was two hours late for work.

Oh well, its a special day.