Random thoughts

This week has been a nice busy one. I managed to finish the second draft of my commission on Sunday and sent it out Monday (always one more day for the OMG, did I write that? moments). Got feedback.

They loved it.

Four little change requests which I'll get out tonight and then I'll be "done" with that commission. I think I should also put a hold on commissions for a while, just until I'm struggling less with them. These last two were killers; I haven't had that much trouble putting words on a page in years.

Still feeling guilty about stopping Scroll of the Lands. But, in a contrast, I'm looking at Glorious Saber and wondering if I could actually finish that up in a reasonable period of time. Trying to seek closure I guess. It also got me to thinking about another comic idea I had while driving back from kitty cuddle time (flea population is 0.1% of last week's, so I actually wanted to cuddle). The new comic idea, if I do it, would be fun, since it would be a fictional diary for me and Fluffy's attempt to have children. Of course, if I could actually pull it together, that's a different story. Or if I have time.

Baby Squid God is advancing in my thoughts. I considered doing pixel artwork, but I'm hesitating. The other I'm looking at is doing it in the same style as Glorious Saber. I already have some code to use this style and I've also spent six months working on the skills to make it, which means less to learn when trying to write the game. So, here is my quick sketch idea of the baby squid god:

If you are curious, here is the pixel version:

I'm also trying to upgrade my artwork style a little. Mainly with the dual-layer hair (i.e. so they look different based on what direction they are looking at). And the hands. Not entirely sure what to do about it, but I might lean toward circles when they aren't do anything but something while they are holding things. Any opinions?

And, I'm heading back to Illinois this weekend. Not accusing Fluffy or anything, but the phone system has completely died at the house and the MythTV box is misbehaving (I think it misses me). So I'm going to go for a different type of kitty cuddle, picking up paperwork, and fixing the technical things.

... and maybe spending time with Fluffy. :)