I was messing around with fixing some referrer and redirect links from the old http://brokentypewriterpress.com/ site to the new http://d.moonfire.us/ site, mainly in preparation for turning the brokentypewriterpress.com site into a portal site. While doing so, I stumbled on the goals page I made at the beginning of the year.

You know what? I haven't made progress on any of them in eight months. On the other hand, getting a new job, apartment, and being happier with my life wasn't on the list either. Nor was going through a flood and living with the in-laws. Writing basically two novels in two months was also not on the list, but I feel pretty damn good about that one. Unlike last year's NaNoWriMo, I actually liked the results of this one.

But, I feel pretty good about what I have done this year. Even if I couldn't tick something off the list. Next year, I'll do another list, but probably put it on Google Notebook or something like that. I'm also hoping to get more stories submitted, I only had 6 this year... and only wrote 15 stories. A bit short of the 24 goal, but the year isn't over.

Overall, despite the writer's block I'm still suffering with (spent an entire night NOT coding my game or writing, despite good efforts), I'm actually in pretty good mood. I highly suspect it has to do with Fluffy coming here in a few short hours. I get to be married again for the weekend. I miss her, a lot. And, the kitties are going home with her, so I can relax a little with that because I know that someone will watch them every day instead of every three.