I love writing and movies

Just finished a four-day weekend. Yeah, it involved holidays, but I only had to do two family things. One of them I actually did, though I was a bit late. The other is deferred for a few weeks to let the weather get better. Fluffy also pushed back her visit so instead of a Christmas wife, I got one one for the weekend. And, since we didn't have any family things, it pretty much consisted of lying on the bed and watching movies. All four of them.

I enjoyed a lot of movies. A coworker who has managed to borrow about half my entire collection since I started working there in April gave me the gift of 10 movies from the pawn shop. $3 each. That was fun. I like pawn shop DVD's. I don't care about cases since I transplant them to slim-line CD cases anyways. Which means, if they play, I'm happy. And I love bad horror movies. And I got a lot of those.

A very happy boy.

Between the movies, entering about 90 DVD's in the computer, playing on the PS3, and sleeping, I also got lots of writing done. I finally opened up my petition questions for college, then made a very high-pitched eek noise. They changed a lot in a few years, and I'm actually struggling to write out something useful for the 23 questions. I'll do it, just takes a bit of time. And a lot of screaming.

I also got feedback on my commission. Two sentences: "rewrite this sentence" and "expand these four sections". Oh, and a "I love it" comment which always makes me all happy inside. I finished the expansion, added another 3k words to the length, and sent it back. If things go well, I'll either get a bit of money in a few days or another short request.