Holiday writing

A bit of time and I'm on vacation. Its kind of exciting thing, though I don't really celebrate the holiday, I do enjoy spending time with family, chatting, and exchanging gifts. Tonight, I'm probably spending time with my honey (well, kind of hoping I am) and into the next day. And probably doing the gift wrapping/packing thing for my side of the family.

Beyond that, I'm enjoying writing. I finished my one commission last night. Came to almost exactly to the word count. I'll get feedback in 3-4 days, then make any changes. I have one already in the works, a fan fiction request, and one coming soon. Technically, I have four others in the hopper, but its from the same person as the next one I'm working on, so I'm allowed to spread those out.

This weekend, I'm hoping to work on my serial. I missed this week (I try to get one out by Tuesday), so I "owe" the site a double next week. I also have to get Victim of Love edited again and resubmitted, it's a "bit too long" is the feedback I got. I asked for specific areas, but I'll trim it down by a quarter and then send it back through Critters or something.

I've been also thinking about the next year. I usually plan out my year in the beginning, kind of a rough schedule. This year was... not good for the plan, but I suspect it was because of the new job, moving, flood, and everything else. Next year, I already know I'm working on finishing up the self-publish of my second book and probably finishing Flight of the Scions once again. I also have a book of poetry that I've been working on for the last few months. I've been trying to write a novel a year since 2002, but I'm not sure if Flight will count as my book for the year. Successfully so far, but I'm not published "properly". I keep working on Flight, though. I love the story, the question is how to write it so others love it too. Beyond that, I have about 12 novels on my list of things to write, some classical fantasy/steampunk, a comedy sci-fi, and a few urban fiction (Morning Zombie or even the selki romance). Maybe I'll plan on writing one of those in this coming year?