Overcautious warnings

I responding to Jeff Duntemann's LJ entry about LEGO this morning. So, naturally, I did a little search to show my point and I encountered this little gem: Walmart's LEGO Quatro page. For those who don't know, Quatro is kind of like a beginner Duplo; it is twice as large as a Duplo which is twice as large as a normal LEGO brick. There is also LEGO Baby line which is twice as large as a Quatro. But, something jumped up as interesting...


LEGO Quatro is for ages 1-3. And, in the above warning, you can see it is for ages 12-24 months, but there is a warning not to use it for children under 3. Just a cute little thing. Though, I'm annoyed at the "toys for boys" line. Girls like LEGO's too, you know.

That said, I still like LEGO. If I understand correctly, you can use Quatro, Duplo, and normal LEGO bricks in the same creation, which is just fascinating. Plus, it lets you use Quatro and Duplo bricks as the foundation for larger works.