Good thoughts

I had a terrible bout with depression last night. A bit of talking with Fluffy helped a little bit. So did the somewhat high maintenance cat--well the cat who wants to be petted all the time but I still love her--helped with pulling me out of my dark mood.

This morning, it was better. Could be the decision I wasn't going to stress out about work or money today probably helped.

I also ascended today on the one and only online game I play, Kingdom of Loathing. KoL was driving me nuts actually, since I was getting upset about missing out on an once in a lifetime event because I jumped the gun with the last ascension. I know it was a game, but it took me a few days to just let it go (a skill I'm normally really good at). In the end, I missed out on a bunch of loot, but it wasn't too bad (if I ascended two days earlier, I would have made it). Oh well, I had my fastest speed run ever (14 days from end to end, because I missed out on the once in a lifetime event, go figure), bought the once in a lifetime event item from the store, and rolled into the next round.

I also solved a major problem at work with a customer, got everything off my plate, and basically managed to take a long, deep breath.

When I get home, I start my college class.

Today is going to be good.