Goals for 2009

Every year, I believe the year with a bunch of new goals. My record for achieving them isn't the greatest, but I'm usually pretty good at least making a few of them. This year, after some playful ribbing from Fluffy, I have five:

  1. Writing: Finish Flight of the Scions. This was last year's goal also, but I hit writer's block for most of the year. I'm not including writing a novel this year, because after so many years of doing it, it's more of a "well, duh" item instead of something remarkable. I'm going to write a new novel this year, it just isn't a goal.
  2. Programming: Join and complete 4E7. I've had a nasty time with game writing contests last year. I'm going to not join any game writing contests until 4E7, then work on that one. I want to finish, damn it. Now, that said, I'm still going to work on CuteGod, Baby Squid God, and Wordplay when I want to write a game.
  3. Health: Lose 16 kg (35 pounds). I need to loose some weight. This is actually the hardest one on the set. I'm not going to set a goal of a certain number of miles on a bike or walking, or the stairs or anything. I just want to be 16 kg lighter by the end of the year (and ideally not through projectile vomiting or amputation).
  4. Family: Be living with Fluffy, our cats, and dog in the same house by the end of the year. I'm tired of living across two states, really, really tired of it.
  5. Education: Graduate with a master's. I'm on track for this one, but I need just a little push...

I do have some secondary goals. These are goals that I want to get done, but I won't feel guilty of I don't:

  • I have a second novel that needs an edit round and self-publication. I won't get the artwork done in a reasonable time, but I can everything prepared for the artwork.
  • Get at least one story published.
  • Finish up the book of poetry I've been working in my spare time for two years.
  • Finish Baby Squid God.
  • Finish CuteGod.
  • Finish the Glorious Saber arc and get closure on that project.
  • Get more commissions.
  • Stop being a wanna writer and programmer.
  • 5 ascensions on Kingdom of Loathing.