I took half of Tuesday off to find a new family doctor. I never realized how much finding one is like blind dates: you don't know what you are going to find, if they have a good bedside manner, if they are going to rant endlessly about your weight, or any other thousand things.

Fortunately, this was a good blind date, so I think I found a doctor. I'm a bit heavier than I thought and an inch shorter than I realized. So, my goal of 16 kg this year is going to put me at 136 kg at the end of the year. Well, still working on that.

Had an enjoyable conversation with my brother, who reads my blog. I keep forgetting that, but it's nice. He and I talked about the attempt in the 70's to convert to the metric system and all the push-back. But, we both agree that if we stuck with it then, we would have just gotten through it.

Back to my date. To avoid taking vacation days for it, I had make up the time. I ended up working until 19:00 on Tuesday, which meant I got home and could barely bang away at the keyboard. Then, last night, I didn't get home until 21:00. Release weeks are fun, but they also make it hard to write. I've only gotten off about 6k words this week. They were a good 6k (a chapter in the serial and about a thousand on the first commission).

Fluffy came into town about 01:00 this morning. This means I got up to talk to her, get her situated, and well, that kind of killed my sleep there. In other words, I'm exhausted.