The Cupocracy

You can be with someone for over a decade and not really know them. You can live with them for years and even walk down the wedding aisle and find yourself staring at them with a quizzical look on your face as you wonder "who are you?"

I know this look very well this weekend. Actually, I got this look this weekend as I sat down for one of those guilty pleasures me and Fluffy both share: Oreos and milk. It wasn't the desire for dipping brown circles of cookies held together with lard. No, we both enjoy that. It isn't that point where Fluffy holds it under the surface until it almost crumbles or my obsession with watching bubbles coming up. Those aren't sticking points anymore.

No, that point where Fluffy wondered who she married came when I sat down to enjoy said cookies and milk. With a bowl. Apparently, my spouse of almost nine years and the woman I've been with for about twelve years, is a member of the Cupocracy where I am a follower of moderate Bowlism. I think it is perfectly reasonable to get a bowl of milk out for my cookies, but she feels that you can't eat Oreos unless you have a cup. It can be a rock tumbler or a tall one but the key part is you dip into cups and glasses, never a bowl.

I... I just don't know if I could live with someone who won't use a bowl with her Oreos...