Not a bunny

Week three of the new diet and while I haven't quite turned into a rabbit, I definitely from. In my efforts to cut out starch (I don't do much sugar so harder to cut that out), I switched from two sandwiches, a Nutty Bar, and Cheetos for lunch to a half gallon (it feels like it) of salad and a can of soup. This dietary change is hard, mainly because I love the starch like some people like their crystal meth. I'm dreaming of hashbrowns, then sighing in frustration when I find out McDonalds serves breakfast at four in the morning (who knew) after pulling a 19 hour work day. Pulling out of the drive through, I was hashbrownless and wondering when I would feel proud of resisting.

Sadly, this isn't much of a writing week so far. I still have the three commissions and my serial to work on, but I figured I'll do that on the weekend. I've been a bit too tired to really work on any of them, though I had an offer of a beta reader for my serial to find some of the worst of the typos before I post it. I'll probably do it, mainly because I haven't had a beta reader for more than a month on my serials. Either I go too fast or I write too much.

I did, on the other hand, do the minimum for Critters. Apparently, I am severely behind schedule on this and need to move my rear to keep up. And, move to write stories I can post there, so I feel like I'm working toward that "get published properly" goal.