In my master's class, something about communication, I'm doing a new website for Moonfire Games. It's a fun little thing, but it got me to thinking. Organizing websites.

I have all these ideas of how to set up a site, what it should include, what it shouldn't include. The hard part is, I'm never sure what should go where. For example, should I put the world settings in the same site, along with the forum, or use the domains I have to set up a forum and a dedicated site for a single world?

Even for the Moonfire Games site, I'm trying to figure out where I put Exalted or HERO stuff, where the software libraries should go, and everything else.

I think part of the answer is that I need to have a clear idea of what I want a site to be. It's pretty obvious that my personal site is mostly about writing. The same for the Moonfire Games site is mostly about games and programming. Though, I can't describe how much I want to mix these two up.

I want a good writer's site for my personal one. Part of me thinks I should first get to be a better writer before I worry about these things, but I like web design and playing around with sites. I also haven't found the "Making Flawless Author Sites in 103 Easy Steps" at my local bookstore.

Just something to think about.