Sylvan Learning commericals

I've noticed the new Sylvan Learning commericals have a very interesting message in them. The one I just saw showed a boy playing with a soccer ball outside. Enjoying himself.

"You see a son who doesn't get his kicks from algebra. Sylvan sees..."

There was another:

"You see a daughter who would rather go on a walk than work on math."

Um... shouldn't we be seriously trying to get our kids outside and doing active things instead of letting them playing video games (though it does improve reflexes) and turning into a couch potato? Yes, education is very important, but they could have least picked something that wasn't a healthy activity to put in contrast with math and science. Yes, because we should discourage our children from going on walks and working on sports and really have them focus on just math.

I have expect the next one I see to be:

"You see a daughter who enjoys mountain climbing instead of calculus."