World of Goo for Linux!

Today is the happiest day of the last week. Not only is it Valentine's Day (which I don't really celebrate but it gives me an excuse to get Fluffy stuff), but I also found out World of Goo is out for Linux!


Yeah, it is silly for most people, but I love Linux. It fits my personality, and while it isn't the easiest thing to work with, it just happens to be, well, me. It also is "a path least traveled" which is one of my general guides in life. Along with "may you live in interesting times".

Not only are they supporting Windows and Wii (apparently from the download center, though I haven't had a Wii to check it out), they also support Macintosh. Which is something most game companies don't really do. And, I have to utterly respect that and the complete lack of DRM, knowing that it won't make that much of a difference.

I also love World of Goo. It's a great little casual game. And not only do I enjoy playing it, but I also look up to 2D Boy because they succeeded. They did my dream, to go from nothing and blow through all expectations to be brilliant. I have the same dream. Not only for writing but programming.

I don't see people who succeed at what I really want as a terrible thing. Anyone who can succeed has my best wishes. Interestingly, I don't really get jealousy either, one of those foreign emotions for me. So, for all those programmers who write the perfect game or all the writers who find themselves staring at their book in the bookstore, I can only feel joy for them.

And maybe a little bit of hope that I'll be doing the same some day.

Now, time to run off and play obsessively.