When we scheduled the repairs to the Saturn a few weeks ago, I didn't really think this week would be so complicated. In hindsight, I probably should have waited another week before getting the car repaired, but I don't like driving with a caved in corner of the car. Actually, I don't like driving the Saturn because it is short, but that isn't it.

As such, the current move is going a bit rough. Too many things to do in Illinois and Iowa and our only car is trying to wind its way through Illinois' construction season to get to Iowa in time to pick up the key to the house, talk to the utilities, and start the moving process.

Originally, we thought she would have some energy to maybe move some of the boxes while I was at work, but at this point, I'm going to say... no. A couple frantic hours tonight of moving and I may be located in a brand new location; without Internet, phone, or any form of entertainment besides my wits.

So, probably just moving stuff until I pass out.


Tomorrow, we head back to Illinois for that part of the move. I already have a guilt trip with my mother planned on Friday and an emergency tree surgery for a fence later in the day. Oh, and a haircut that I desperately need. Then, a party where today's count of the guest list is nineteen. Fluffy is popular and going way is hard. She claims she doesn't make friends, but there is still going to be almost two dozen people at this party (I'm including myself and 21 is close to 24). It will be hard for me too, because I'll be saying "goodbye" to friends twice, once last year, once this year.

In other news, I finished the second draft of my commission last night. Sending it out, I hope they like it and there won't be a third. If there is, it will have to wait until after this move is over. Then, new plans!