Moved in

Wow, new house, new patterns. Commute is almost exactly double the length and if I catch all greens (like this morning), it takes 18 minutes to work. That means the bad days should be about 22-27 minutes.

We finally got physically moved into the place on Sunday night, except for the apartment which is going to take a few more trips to properly clean up. Somehow, a tiny little apartment takes more effort simply because we didn't get a big truck and move it.

Moving day was hard. Fluffy had a good-bye party, which meant me and my brother packed the truck while they partied. Got a little bitter about it while doing it, but I've managed to let it (mostly) go by now. I also learned that while I'm good at packing trucks and cars, my brother is just that much better than me. We had almost no empty space in that thing. Note to others, when they say a 5.1 meters (17 foot) truck is for a 150 square meters (1,600 square foot) house... they lie. We left a few things behind for the next round of things (plus, we still technically live there also).

Unpacking was fun: snow and hail. We gave up taking things into the basement and just loaded up the garage. Over the next month or so, we'll get the garage cleared out and usable by the cars.

I got hurt pretty much every day of the move. From the three scratches that look like a cat, but really was a file cabinet, to the bruised foot from where I feel at the gas station (dignity survived simply because no one could see on the other side of the truck). I'm walking with a limp, but that should be fine by the end of the week.

I also realized I'm stronger than I thought. I know that I packed some of the boxes heavily, at least when Fluffy called me some months ago complaining that she put one of my "heavy" boxes on the scale and it came out over 30 kg (70 pounds). And I only had eight of those (RPG books, mostly hardcovers). Last night, even with a limp, I could easily pick up the 35 kg (76 pound) shelving unit box to toss it in the cart. We always joke that I'm stronger with an audience (cute girls or guys are worth +10 STR). But, still strange since I see myself as a wimp in general.

It's exciting right now. Settling down, getting things working, and basically streaming right into a hopefully relaxing weekend of unpacking and being married once again.