I pushed it

I pushed it a bit too hard in this last week. Everything was going perfectly fine, loading the truck up on Saturday, unloading on Sunday. Then, Monday came. A peaceful day of relaxing, unpacking, and getting the DirecTV working. It would be perfect for heading back into work on Tuesday.

Fluffy even drove me in. Yeah, it was only for a day, which is all I can ask for her. If there is one thing she isn't, it's a morning person. I mean, she hisses at me if I wake her up too early. It's cute and adorable, but hissing?

So, Thursday is here. I only have a half-working DirecTV system, an Internet that occasionally drops out, and a cold that makes me wonder if I found a variant of some new plague. We'll call it Dylan's Torments. It shall be a terrible disease and people will curse my name until the end of time.

Or, just a simple head cold.

And yet, I'm miserable and happy at the same time.

What is wrong with me?