According to my latest tests, I'm one test way from officially having diabetes. This... well, this scares the hell out of me because I feel like I'm in a blind panic to prevent something that I should have seen coming for close to five years.

The frustrating part is, I thought I was doing so well. I got my glucose levels to 117, but this last one they shot right up to 137. According to the nurse, 126 is the magic point that I should worry.

I've already started working toward getting healthier, but I'm now worried it was a too little too late. I started Weight Watchers yesterday, it is maybe 100 meters from my front office door. Now, I found that I need to seriously work on this if I don't want that official branding of diabetes.

I've been working on getting new habits this year. Eating lunch every week (except for last) since nearly the beginning of the year, getting a normal breakfast and lunch under control. Weight Watchers will help with that last meal of the day, plus encourage me to actually focus on losing weight.

I'm scared, I'll be honest. I know that I still have a chance, though slim, to step away from this cliff and I'm going to seriously try to do it. Even if it means not writing a little bit more and taking that time to move.

We are also settling down into a schedule for the new semester. Looks like Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be excercise days, planned before this blow to the liver, including joining martial arts in a week or two.

Still... we'll see what the next two months turns out to be like.