Diabetes, MythTV, and world-building
Weight Loss: 14.7 kg (32.4 lbs)

Rough night, mainly because I kept thinking too much. Stupid little things that keep you up. I call it my monkey, a little chattering thing that won't shut up so I can go to sleep. Fortunately, not everything was negative, just... loud.

Obviously, the main thing was the whole weight and diabetes thing. My doctor is test-happy, so I limit any blood work to every few months unless it is an emergency. So, I have two months or so to get glucose and weight down. No problem, in Weight Watchers, my first goal is 10% anyways. It was also my goal at the beginning of the year, but I didn't have a good idea of my weight then. Three months ago, the doctor's office said I weighed about 151 kg. According to WW, the scale said 147 kg. So, I already lost about 4 kg, if all those scales are right. I'm going to use the 147 kg point and say I need to lose 14.7 kg in the next few months. I won't get upset if I don't make the 14.7, but I will if I don't make at least half that (5% goal) of 7.4 kg.

It's a plan. I managed to get used to eating half a gallon of vegetables every day for lunch, I can get used to 30-60 minutes of exercise a day.

I was also thinking about the MythTV box. I decided to migrate the hardware to a slightly slower machine (Pentium D 2.8 GHz to a AMD x64 3800+ at 2.0 GHz). It allows for more RAM (4 instead of 1 GB) and it's 64-bit which should help with encoding. That and it's rated higher than the Pentium. I ordered a new 1.5 TB drive for the file storage (and another 1.5 TB for my "personal" computer). I'm enjoying getting it working, but with everything else, it just takes time to get it done and I'm impatient.

I also got a new mailbox yesterday. Forgot the address already, but I really like having a postal box for my writing. With commissions and everything, I've always been uncomfortable with people knowing my home address. I also post my address on-line, for that strange day when someone might want to send me fan mail. Yes, the mailbox place (also a UPS Store like last time) knows it, but it offers a bit of veil for my on-line presence. I'll start changing my various on-line addresses, like domain records and such, over the next few weeks. It may only be temporary, since I don't know where we'll get the non-rental house, but it at least gives me something.

Finally, Fedran and religions. This is actually the fun topic, since I'm trying to show historical progression and change of various religions as they mix, fold, and separate over the centuries. I wanted to have denominations, not unlike this country, where every church has a slightly different view on things. Fortunately for me, a co-workers wife is going to seminary so I got a really good view of what she is going through to become a preacher, including the different types of relationships between a pastor and a church. Coupled with years of listening to my Roman Catholic friends, my experiences in random religions, and everything else, I think I finally have a good handle on how I want religions to work in this fantasy world.

It also lead into how I want to show history in the world. On my wiki site, I'm building up the various countries and everything as my working notes. If I ever get a book published, that is the point where I'll worry about backward consistency so everything is still mud-like right now. But, I could create a little SVG file of the continent and use that to show snapshot influences of a religion over time. So, I can show where Tirmol started and how to expanded over the years until the wars with Devmas which eventually lead to the religious truce of that became the Divine Marriage. And the fracturing later which will give me the God-King split and all those other denominations.

In my head, it's all pretty. Now, to see if I can make the website match and actually be informative.

I wish I had more discipline for updating the wiki and keeping the continual world-building going. I might now that things are settling, but I honestly feel that the reason my other world works is because I spent years building up the world. I wrote stories, ran games, and even made up little comics in that world. Not all at once, but layering idea after idea on top of it until I had such a wonderful place to write in. And, like wine, it had the influences of my ideas at the times, which changes constantly.

Well, I'm excited and creating today, despite everything.