A weekend in review

Weight Loss (1.6 of 14.7 kg)
College Petitions (1 of 5)
Commission (0 of 10,000 words)

Another weekend has passed through my fingers. slipping away like sand and water and me without my panning bowl. It was a good weekend, filled with many good little things, but it still felt like a wash for me.

I finished the first draft of the Unit Timing (today's name for UnitT on Friday). I got it up and running using MethodInfo.Invoke, but it was running so slowly that I switched over to using dynamic methods. Then... realized it ran slow because my test case had a Thread.Sleep(250) or a quarter second. When you run 64 of those, it takes--amazingly enough--16 seconds to complete. But, now I have a nice version with dynamic methods and caching, written entirely with the System.Reflection.Emit classes. I even put in a pretty robust little notification system for getting status. It is usable for the command line, XML output, and even a GUI front end.

Sadly, the precision on the timer isn't that great. There will be cases when I'll have to do a ten thousand or a million runs to get any reasonable number. But, the entire point is to test this for things that may be that efficient.

I also started working on the new theme for Moonfire Games. It still looks a bit plain, but I'm going to add more graphics on the page so start filling it out. I think I'll continue the angled theme for the various artwork too. The entire site is built using the Tango palette but probably not all the guidelines. I'm planning on using the diagonal lines as the general theme.

I had to go to server-side processing though. While client-side XSLT is a great idea, and works beautifully in Firefox, it crashes all the other browsers on my machine. Great idea, just have to wait for it to be implemented properly. Until then, I'll just implement the various theme engines for the tools I want.

On the writing side of things, I got another commission two days ago. From one of my prior commissioners and it is a half-off price offer, but a ten thousand word story is still a story. I like this person's commissions. They come up with good ideas, try to supply as much information as possible including pictures of who they want it to look like, and a fairly detailed setting while leaving most of it for me to fill in the gaps.

I also got a request for my MediaWiki theme for my old Moonfire site. I'll have to package that up properly and send it over in the next day or so.

Other than that, not much else. Slept in, read New Tricks by John Levitt (I'll review it this week), walked a few miles, got depressed on perceptions of food, homework, and generally cleaned up a bit. It seems remarkable, but I still came out of it feeling half done this weekend.